August 13, 2010

see you later, see you soon

thank you stephen kellogg and the sixers for always being able to sum up my life for me.

goodbye New York for a while.
this summer has seemed to fly by. all of the sudden, it's the middle of august, i'm MARRIED, and i'm leaving new york until thanksgiving. i still can't believe the time has flown by like this.
let's go over my year in review and examine how drastically my life has changed.
summer '09: was not at all prepared for the monumental change of going to college.
fall '09: moved to utah, started my freshman year, took 14 credit hours, socialized, had a freaking BLAST
december '09: met Christian, survived finals...
winter '10: fell in love, decided to drastically change my life AGAIN by deciding to get married this summer
spring '10: survived more finals, came home, left my college friends, landscaped, planned, worked my tail off
summer '10: went to pageant, kept planning
, got married, and oh yeah... moved back across the country.
my life has changed so much in the past year it makes me dizzy.

now chin and i are in denver for a week until
we head out to our apartment in provo to move in! we have a reception tomorrow night at the inverness hotel and we are having a blast.
today we drove up to Pike's Peak, one of colorado's 54 Fourteeners. We made a day out of it and had a big bbq tonight.

chin and maureen on our last night in fairport... big diff
love you moeski
this was only HALF of our luggage... i'm not kidding. i think i have opd (over-packing disorder)
chin and i on top of pikes peak, my first 14er!
my parents, tim, ben, tutu and grandad, alex, chin and me at the zenith
i did not want to get wet.
but of course i did. he was in big trouble :)
the sisters poolside

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