October 12, 2010

fall treats #6: oreo truffle surprise cookies from Picky Palate

these. were. divine.
and simple, and fun, and always a surprise.
imagine- a chocolate chip cookie, an oreo, and a truffle. all in one!
thank you to Picky Palate for giving me great recipes!
click here for this recipe. :)

i brought them to chin's flag football game to share with the fans (our small group of wives who cheer on our glorified flag catcher husbands) and the players.
they were a huge hit!

for a million years i couldn't figure out why nobody could comment on our blog. i still don't understand what was wrong.
BUT NOW! you can comment!
i fixed it!
so comment comment comment i would love to hear your thoughts!


Lynne said...

I don't know which one I am commenting on. But it all looks great. You little blogger you.

Caitlin (& Billy) said...

yay! i've tried to comment before and now the mystery is solved. you are such a good little wifey making all these fun treats! i want to grow up to be just like you!

Moeski said...

You're too cute-- just wanted to say I like the tray you used for the cookies ;)