October 10, 2010

a real live adventure

this weekend has been great.
i just woke up from a two hour nap and chin is still sound asleep. he's just a little guy.
on friday we went to Color Me Mine- oh how i love that place.
i wish i was more creative because my pottery is never anything spectacular...
we went with some really great friends and then had a nice little dessert party afterwards...
saturday morning we slept in (if you can call 10 sleeping in... not according to me) and got ready to go on a little baby road trip!
We drove down with Chin's family to see his cousin, Brennan's, football game.
Brennan plays for Snow College, a junior college in Ephraim, Utah.
Where is Ephraim? yeah. i have no idea either.
so we made the trip, got to the game, and repped the tshirts that the pingree sibs had made early friday evening together (Fjord is Brennan's last name).
the game was great. snow college clobbered the other team and after we got to see brennan's apartment and eat some food and then we headed home.
it was a wonderful way to spend a saturday (we even missed byu homecoming! we love family)!

the ping sibs reppin # 42
my best bud in the whole land
ben and lindsey- the cutest little matching couple you ever saw. it wasn't intentional.
the fam with the man of the hour
baby got back!
chin never ceases to find a moment to terrorize his little sister.
the ping ladies!

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