October 28, 2010

t-minus 2 days

the day of our long awaited Dickens-Pingree Family Halloween Party is almost here.
i have been planning for this party since september and while i am nooooo professional party planner, i have worked really hard and am hoping that our party will be great! but who knows.
last night i did a diy inspired by kate magleby and the talents of her sister. her sister made a Ribbon Wall for her very own wedding (this wedding was TO DIE FOR).
click here to see all the details of the ribbon wall and more importantly, their incredible wedding (her dress, the reception, the flowers, the venue... woah baby).

this is how my ribbon wall turned out:

look i told you i wasn't a professional but heyyy in my defense: i'm not planning a wedding (this is just a party people), and for the first time making one, i'd say it turned out well! Also, this is just the wall not the tablescape, i'm thinking it will look pretty cool when everything is set up!

this was pretty easy to make. i just kind of made it all up. all i used was ribbon and a glue gun! if you make a ribbon wall, don't use wired ribbon, it won't stay straight!

this is what my kitchen table has looked like since monday. we've been eating dinner in the living room. poor christian!


Amber said...

Your ribbon wall is so cute and festive! I love it! Have a fun party.

Lynne said...

very cute! Did you know that you can take the wire out of wired ribbon to make it non-wired ribbon! Call me and i will tell you how.

Natalie said...

It looks awesome! Can't wait to see pics from your party, I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

Kate Magleby said...

Oh yay! My sister was so excited when I showed her this post! I love your blog! You are too cute!