November 15, 2010

it's about time

happy monday!
mondays may be my least favorite day of the week but i 
FINALLY finished my "acorn wreath" from dana made it.
it was so easy, just tedious and i would sporadically work on it.
but here is the easy diy for a fun holiday wreath:

what you need:
Jordan Almonds or Lima Beans (or any kind of beans) or Acorns or really... anything!
I used Jordan Almonds because i couldn't find any acorns to pick.

A straw wreath. You could use any wreath template but straw is the cheapest.

 Spray Paint. I used copper metallic because i love how festive it is but you could use any color your little heart desires. :)

heat up a glue gun. Attach your almonds/acorns/beans to your wreath with a small dab of glue for each almond. i think it is pretty to put them on in a pattern, and then they also fit together better. To make your wreath lay flat against the door, only put almonds/acorns on the visible parts of the wreath and not on the back. Once you've attached your almonds, spray paint your wreath with two coats of paint.
let it dry, attach festive ribbons to hang on your wreath hanger, 
and you're done! 
seriously easy, and so cute!
plus you can change out your ribbon for Christmas or any holiday.
enjoy :)

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