November 8, 2010

real life

i'm not going to write you a poem
or put up perfect pictures to attract your attention.
sometimes i get annoyed with blogs like that.

so our weekend consisted of:
at The Chocolate in orem, ut.
yum! we had heard about it and decided to try it out.
they have huge slices of cake and yummy looking cupcakes.
i ended up getting a mint brownie
and chin got a cazookie (utah's version of a pazookie).

on saturday i bought red lipstick.
big step for me people.
i'm not a lipstick person and i have never owned a tube of lipstick.
but i was feeling adventurous 

i have huge lips

i'm almost done with my acorn wreath,
i have weird recurring dreams every night,
i'm excited about the menu for this week,
and my mom comes back into town on thursday.

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