December 5, 2010

catch up

it's been a couple days since i've posted...
so we have some catching up to do. 
this weekend was the calm before the storm.
last night we had devin & robli, and chuck & emily over to cut out and decorate sugar cookies. (recipe coming tomorrow for Winter Treats #1!)

we had a great time and although emily and chuck beat me by posting about our night first,
our night is worth posting about.
we had so much fun with chin's best friends (i love them as well!).

devin and robli- cuties!

we are extremely festive.

em and chuckerina

chin and i, i made it black and white so you couldn't see how pale i am.
it's becoming a serious problem

 today we had chin's side of the family over for dinner, including Nana and Papa!
i made Chicken Bruschetta with Campanelle and Candy Cane Kiss Centered Brownies (by picky-palate).
unfortunately i undercooked the chicken and i was disappointed in my cooking skills (or lack thereof) tonight. but all is fair in love and the kitchen.

our tablescape for the evening.

hope you all had a fabulous weekend!
if my posts are scarce this week it is because i am in over my head.
just a heads up.

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Lynne said...

the table looks amazing!! You can see even if the chicken was undercooked they might not have noticed!!