December 1, 2010

heat nazi

happy first of december! 
since there was no 31st of November, chin and i have officially been married for four months!
the time has literally flown by.
this semester, this summer, this fall, this month,
it all happened faster than i can make sense of.

meet christian:
most of you already know him or if not, you know he's my husband.
i like to refer to him as the jolly green giant.
he's a whopping 6'8'', absolutely adorable, and he wouldn't hurt a fly.
for his huge height and burly muscles, he is the most gentle person i have ever met.
but we are having a little dilemma in our household!
it is now december 1st and the weather in provo is 30 degrees or below without fail.
there is six inches of snow on the ground.

so as you could guess, it's cold in our apartment.
do we turn the heat on? absolutely not.
oh trust me i try to, but every time i do, chin comes and turns it off!

you're probably thinking he's trying to be fiscally responsible and save money on our electric bill right?
nope. he just gets too hot.
he is a heat nazi!
(but still my sweet husband whom i love dearly)
i freeze my toes and hands and ears and nose and elbows and bum off everyday!
where is the sensitivity hubs?!
while i mostly think it is quite amusing,
i really would like some heat please.

1 comment:

Lynne said...

Better get used to it and wear mittens and a sweater and earmuffs!!