December 22, 2010


tonight the Pingrees took the family to Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, performed by the Colorado Ballet.
For the longest time i had wanted to see the Nutcracker, or a ballet for that matter.
that's right- i've never been to the ballet.
i was not disappointed.
the Denver Performing Arts Center is modern yet elegant, and i loved the beauty and splendor of the costumes, atmosphere, dancing, and music.
and so another thing is checked off my list of things to do before i grow up.

chin and i, my husband is a stud.

i absolutely LOVED the chandelier and the theater. it was so beautiful!

what have you and your family done this year at Christmas time?


Lynne said...

Love your awesome sweater!!!!

Diana Smith said...

How fun! Cute little date night!