January 13, 2011

hello happiness

today has been a cool day.
i slept in. that was on accident.
(but the best accident ever! i really needed it)
upon lazily waking up, i checked my transcript on byu and to my surprise,
independent study had already transferred my grade!
not only was this a relief, but i also received a high enough grade to apply to the Public Relations Program!
granted, i got a B in the class which is the minimum grade you can get but hey- i'll take it.
The application is due tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and i have been freaking out about it.
i mean what if i got a B- or what if independent study didn't transfer my grade in time?
that would have crushed all my hopes and dreams. somehow i lucked out.

after jumping around (by myself) for a little while i rushed as fast as i could to get ready to see Condoleezza Rice
speak at BYU ever. um wow. amazing!
i left our apartment at 10:56 with only 9 minutes to trek the distance to the Marriott Center. 
Somehow i made it.
(i sprinted)
not only was her talk uplifting and inspiring, but she spoke about finding our passion while receiving our education. Condoleezza is a wonderful and powerful woman. she has an air of confidence and assurance that makes me want to be the best person that I can be.
it was easily one of the coolest experiences I have had at byu so far.
thanks Dr. Rice.

on a side note,
today i created a formspring account.
i was really hesitant to do it because it seems a little trendy and honestly,
i'm scared!
i've seen some accounts where people don't ask very nice questions.
but i'm putting myself out there and opening up to you;
so ask away!
i'll put a link on the side of our blog.
ask us any (appropriate) question you like.
click HERE to ask.

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