January 18, 2011

we love long weekends

hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

ours consisted of going to the nickel arcade with the barnes and the pierces. 
we had so much fun! chin won the jackpot and traded in his tickets for candy, candy, and... more candy.

cait and billy and their bling

 our buds the pierces and their never ending supply of fun dip

 last night we threw a dessert party for janey (her birthday was last week).
The party and turnout was great and we all had so much fun decorating and getting ready for it.

this weekend was wonderful.
Chin's brother got into medical school! that was fantastic and let's hope that chin is next.
this long weekend was almost a recovery from Christmas break. as relaxing as it was, we were on the go a lot during Christmas.
it was nice to be able to relax in our own little apartment and be with good friends and family.

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