February 25, 2011


happy weekend!
i am recently obsessed with these things i like to call weekends.
they're relaxing.
and i can't stop talking about them.

what are you all doing this weekend?
tonight, chin and i are going to make a cake (i'm a little nervous to have him help me but it should be an adventure),
and we are going to relax. and sleep. and sleep some more.
results of our cake making will be posted soon.
have a fantastic weekend my loves!

food for thought: where is your dream vacation?
mine is Greece. Chin promised to take me there someday and we will ride mopeds through crowded streets and stay in a blue-roofed villa and swim on the shores of the mediterranean.
i'm curious about where you would choose to go.


Hayley said...

I want to go to Ireland and Scotland for atleast a month. Then after that I want to go to Disneyland/Disneyworld! I also think it would be so fun to go around to all the disneylands around the world! Greece looks lovely- be sure to take lots of pics when you go ;)

Have a fun weekend!

Amber said...

Your weekend sounds way better than mine. Noel has to be on campus all day Saturday again (every Sat. since Christmas practically). Then we're going to watch the BYU game. I'm really excited about that!

Brigham & Jessica said...

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Mamma Mia! convinced me to put Greece on the top of my travel priority list.