March 23, 2011

bridal bouquets

i am now officially trained in the art of making bridal bouquets!
over this entire semester, i have been looking forward to the bridal bouquet unit in my floral design class.
finally, today, i made my first bridal bouquet. i was very pleased with the turnout.
i love the pink and seafoam green color pallet and this may or may not be my new favorite thing to do!

if you are in the Salt Lake-Provo region and you or a friend or family member want/need a bouquet for bridal portraits, i would love to make one for you for a very minimal (most likely free) cost.
you can email me at if you are interested!


Lynne said...

it is beautiful

Amber said...

Nice work! I just love it! I didn't know you were taking floral design. I took that when I was done with most of my pre-recs and waiting to enter my program. It was one of my favorite classes ever.