April 21, 2011

DIY: rosette easter eggs

 about a week ago i saw this great "rosette egg" tutorial on a website, and then when i went to find it again, it was completely lost in space. i could not for the life of me figure out where i found that tutorial, but i still wanted to make them! it looked like it was time to fly by the seat of my pants. 
i made a couple of mistakes at first (the first egg i made looked like a turban, you can see it if you look closely at the "finished product" picture), but eventually i worked out the kinks and then they turned out great!
i couldn't wait to show this tutorial to you guys, and maybe if you have a little time before easter, you can make them! they look great in a basket and in egg holders.

Rosette Eggs Tutorial
Supplies You'll Need: 
plastic eggs
thin cotton fabric, cut into long thin strips (i used cream colored fabric) in any desired color. I bought a yard and then cut the strips by ripping them for a messier/antique look. you should need two about two strips per egg.
a glue gun

 start by taking the end of a strip of fabric and fold the edges under, making a point (looking like an arrow). hot glue the point to the center of one side of the egg. 

once the point is secure on the egg, twist the strip until it is tight and swirl the strip around the center point, going in circles, creating a rosette look, twisting as you go. 

glue as you go, gluing before swirling the twisted strip around the egg. swirl the strip around the egg until your rosette fills half the egg.
then, take another strip, and do the exact same thing on the other side, creating a point and then create another rosette. the strip should reach the other side of the egg, touching the other  rosette so there are no open spaces.

this is your finished product! so cute right?! i love them. I'm sorry if the tutorial is confusing, the directions are so difficult to put into words. but i'm hoping that my pictures helped, and if not you can email me and i can try to be more thorough! 

they look so great displayed on our table setting for Alex's graduation brunch today. :)



Teenage Bride said...

cute idea!

Lynne said...

Everything turned out lovely. Your table looks amazing with the vintage cloth, etc. Love the bunny ear napkins and the eggs are great. Guess who is going to be making them?!