April 28, 2011

hayley's home cooking

i want a bike, particularly a beach cruiser. bikes are expensive though! and i'm not sure how much i'd use it since it is frigid half of the year here in good old P-town. 

on a more serious note: 
yesterday, in class, we had to introduce ourselves and say something "unique" about ourselves. i said i like to cook and bake, and someday i want my own cooking show.
afterwards a very nice girl came up to me and told me that i should start cooking "webisodes" on YouTube. I actually really like that idea. 
if i started a weekly cooking webisode, would any of you watch it? 
i would love your open and honest feedback!
the title of this post would be a possible "show name."
i feel ridiculous even thinking that i could have a show name, or a show at all. i mean really, i hate the sound of my voice on camera, and my kitchen is the size of a large closet.
but you guys all love my amateurism....... right?

1 comment:

Kylie said...

If it is something you love then why not!