April 26, 2011

more scenes from our weekend

+ happiness. claire and i laughing about something during graduation picture taking. i swear all we did this weekend was laugh.

+all the pingree sibs minus Chin. this is just such a happy sight!

+the graduate jumping for joy. i can't even imagine what that feels like right now, but couldn't be more excited for Alex's new found freedom before he starts med school!

+ at the pingree household in Denver, preparing for our easter egg hunt. i felt about 6 years old again, as Chin and i raced each other and played tug-of-war over a few of the chocolatey eggs.

+a classic family picture pose. little kiddies on the couch.

+pretty tulips and a new found love for my favorite new shirt from Nordstrom Rack (it was an awesome deal as well!). 

this weekend was incredible. i laughed the entire weekend and had an amazing time with my in-laws. i felt as though i got to the point where i can finally be my complete self around them, and i enjoy their company so much. chin and i were so relaxed, and that was an amazing feeling, to have nothing in the world to worry about for one weekend. this weekend did great things for our marriage, and for our sanity. 
Easter was beautiful, and I am so grateful for the love of our Savior and for his Atonement and Resurrection.

i hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Teenage Bride said...

what a lovely lovely weekend. You are part of such a beautiful family. Inside and out!!!!

Kevin & Ashley said...

Sounds funnn! Hey are you from Denver!? Totally just moved to Fort Collins.....if you are not, then you will have no clue where that is haha. Just wondering.

Courtney B said...

I can remember when I finally felt 100% comfortable with my inlaws...LOVE that feeling!
You are gorgeous!