May 6, 2011

eliza's dress

last night chin and i had to go to wedding reception and since there was no dress code on the invitation... i decided to dress up a casual dress that my dearest friend eliza let me borrow.

after the reception we headed home and on the way found an amazing park in north provo.
it was filled with blooming tulips and pretty trees, moonlight and old-fashioned street lamps.

i had fun playing with the pinwheels we took home from the wedding reception, it was such a beautiful night! thanks to dearest eliza for letting me borrow her nautical frock.

H&M Dress, Chinese Laundry heels, Forever 21 belt, Fossil Watch, J.Crew Bracelet, MAC red lipstick


Brooke Knecht said...

you look like a model!

Kevin & Ashley said...

Very cute dress! And you look gorgeous! I totally just wore a nautical striped dress to a wedding this past weekend as well! Random! Ha.

Ashley Sloan