May 20, 2011

ode to the MCAT

Chin just left to go take the MCAT, and yes i am writing this at 7:00 in the morning, and we have both been up since 6:00. could be a record for me. don't worry, i'm well aware that 6 a.m. is not early for many, but it might as well be the middle of the night for me.

I was so surprised with Chin this morning as I listened to him talk about this life-changing test today.
he sounded more confident than i have ever heard him. 
he was so ready to rock that test.
and i couldn't be more proud.
maybe it's because of his genius like tendencies, or maybe it's how hard he studied (i think it's both), but he is so prepared, and hopeful about the outcome of this test.
we're both hoping that the endless hours of studying, the 15+ practice tests he took, and the countless tutoring and review sessions will pay off.
and i'm sure it will, and we'll learn to love whatever outcome he gets, even if it's not what we hoped for.
i love you Chin, and i'm so proud to call you my husband.

photo by ashlee

happy friday!


Teenage Bride said...

I am sure he will do so great!!!

God bless.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Hope he does well :) Exciting times!