May 30, 2011

when i stress about trips that aren't even soon...

we head to Alaska in less than a month,
and somehow i have already found a way to start panicking about my outfit choices
and my packing options.
you see, the problem is, 
since i've never been to Alaska, i have absolutely no clue what to pack.
i mean, it could be warm, or cold, or snowy, or blustery, or i actually have no clue.
plus, i want to look really cute while we're there.
i love trying to look as cute as possible on vacations.
a vacation is a place where you can pull off that outfit that might be a little crazy or wild for just the normal day to day.
but i also have no clue what we'll be doing in Alaska...
and as much as i love hiking, i don't want to spend the whole time in my hiking boots.
i would like to wear heels as often as possible.
so you see, this is why i have OPD (over-packing disorder). 
i am indecisive, and in turn, end up packing my entire wardrobe.
and now that i have sufficiently rambled, will someone please help me?!?!
i would love some advice on what to pack, or some tips on how to keep my sanity.
either or.

i made this board on Polyvore, and i'm swooning over that burberry trench.
let me just whip out $700 from my wallet. oh wait...


Teenage Bride said...

hmmm I have never been to Alaska..... I guess it wouldn't hurt to just a pick a little bit o everything haha

Chanel said...

I feel your pain! I DEF have OPD as well!