June 1, 2011

DIY flower hair clips

the next couple months are wedding central for me.
no no no Chin and I are not getting re-married or renewing our vows or anything cool like that.
I have lots of friends getting married, it seems as though every 20 year old girl at BYU suddenly just up and got engaged!
not a bad thing, but a little overwhelming.
so consequently, i have a wedding cake to make, a bridal shower to plan, and several flower hair clips to make.
and i am not complaining.
i love everything about weddings, and DIY projects are encompassed in that.

i made these hair clips for a friend who is getting married in about a week and a half. her colors are blue and coral, and she wanted hair pieces for all of the girls in her wedding party.
so this is what i came up with!

Flower Hair Clips:
what you'll need:
a glue gun
fabric* (see note)
alligator clips- i found mine at Sally's Beauty Supply
plastic pearls (or buttons or something to put in the middle of the flowers)
a candle/extended lighter

*Note: you will need fabric that is synthetic. like polyester or something with plastic. anything acetate or cotton = no good. I used polyester fabrics and polyester lace. 

For one flower:
1. Cut two 4-inch circles and two 3-inch circles of fabric. This will give you four layers for your flower clip. Cut the circles by tracing circles with cups on the fabric. 
*I cut one large circle of fabric and one large circle of lace, and did the same with the smaller circles. i alternated the fabric and lace, leaving the lace as my top layer. 

2. Light your candle, and melt and crinkle the edges of your fabric . Hold the circles 1-2 inches above the flame, rotating the circle so the fabric doesn't catch fire. don't burn yourself! 

3. Once all the circle edges are melted and crinkled, place a dot of hot glue one of your two larger circles, and place the other large circle on top, glueing them together. glue and layer the small two circles on top of the large circles, until all the layers are glued together.

4. Add a dot of glue to the top layer, and place pearls or buttons on top, creating the center focal point for your flower.

5. Take your alligator clip and hot glue the flower to the top part of the clip. Let dry completely.

the finished product!
ignore how terrible my hair looks...

i hope my instructions make sense. they really are quite simple to make and add a great accent to your hair.

enjoy :)

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