July 4, 2011

an Alaskan food diary

and we're back...
from alaska!
we had an incredible time.
alaska was one of the most uniquely beautiful places i have ever seen,
and i had an especially great time getting to know members of Christian's family that i hadn't met or didn't know very well.
thanks to the wonderful girls who blogged for me while we were away, thank you thank you thank you!
also, i hope you had a great fourth of july and ate yourself sick with barbeque, ice cream, and chips and soda.

speaking of food,
while we were on the cruise i tried to make a conscious effort to keep a food diary of all the delicious foods we devoured.
i seriously have not eaten so much in my entire life.
and that's not an exaggeration.
so to start out my description of our trip, i thought i'd share with you the photo diary i kept...
and i blatantly hope these pictures make your mouth water.

new york cheesecake

flourless chocolate cake with cream and berries

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

the "Princess Love Boat Dream"

devoured breakfast in bed?

in Ketchikan, Alaska, we went to the Ketchikan Fish House and enjoyed hand-breaded fish and freshly cut chips.
crispy-cod sandwich with cajun fries

halibut with thyme, potatoes, and lentils

chin's "Surf & Turf"

raspberry-chocolate cheesecake

every morning they served belgian waffles at the Ice Cream Bar on the ship. they changed my life. i'm kicking myself that i didn't ask for the recipe.

fresh cod topped with prosciutto and served with grilled vegetables and pasta in tomato sauce

breaded chicken marsala

post-shelled lobster tail with rice pilaf and grilled asparagus

baked alaska (appropriate right?)

assorted goodies

chocolate souffle with vanilla cream sauce (half-eaten)

while in Victoria, British Columbia, we enjoyed strawberry and biscotti gelato at Butchart Gardens (more on that later). 

i'm still full.

more details of our trip to come.
hope you all had a great week, i missed you!

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Ashley Sloan said...

Oh gosh cruises have so much food it is insane! It is hard not to feel so big all of the time w/the food haha...

Ashley Sloan