July 12, 2011

before we met

spending a few days in Denver, i've been able to go through my in-laws pictures and see several of Christian before we met.
they are hilarious.
i love seeing him at a much younger age and seeing pictures of him at the age when i first saw him back in 2006.
it's still funny to think that the kid who i secretly had a crush on when i was 15 actually became my husband.
i even kept all of his family's christmas cards and took them to college with me.
and i'm sure you don't think this is as funny as i do...
but for your viewing pleasure:

 this photo was taken in Newport Beach in 2009 right after Chin got home from Siberia.
i might be swooning immensely right now.


Teenage Bride said...

the second one is too funny!

Amber said...

I also like the breakfast in bed one. He looks very awake! So funny!