July 18, 2011

casual fridays

i love dressing up for work.
we don't have a formal dress code, but it pretty much contains no flip-flops, no shorts, no logos, and look "nice." 
so i sort of took it upon myself to dress up for work.
i like feeling professional when i come in, and it's always great to look the part (even if i don't act it) if i have a last minute interview or meeting.

because i have my made up policy of dressing up for work (seriously it's just me... i'm a dork?), i also have my own made up policy of casual fridays.
funny thing: i don't work on fridays.
so why would i have "casual fridays" at work when i shouldn't even come into work?
recently i've been so far behind from traveling, that i've been coming into work to catch up.
the joys of being a grown up (i secretly love it).

on fridays, i love to feel comfortable and wear clothes that i feel great in, but also look casual.
i wore this outfit last friday, and it was a day of overcoming fashion doubts.
i never wear denim on denim. to me that feels completely 80's-ish.
i also never wear light denim.
let's talk about early 2000's freshhhh?

but i thought i should try it out since i'm trying to reach out with what i wear.
(as i wear the denim shirt that i pretty much wear everyday...)

Rampage sandals, Beulah top, GAP chambray button down, Bullhead jeans, Longchamp tote


Gentri said...

I think you look so great! LOVE the outfit!

Emma said...

Usually I am not a fan of denim on denim but this is CUTE!!