August 8, 2011

what i know

first off, happy monday! we are back in Provo (for a good while now), and we're happy to be home. we had such an incredible time while we were away, but more on that later.

i received a question on formspring asking to talk about our first year of marriage and some stories, adjustments, and advice i could give. i don't think one year of marriage qualifies me to give anyone advice, but i can share what i know and what i've learned. 

if you move into a new apartment and forget to call the electric company ahead of time, you might be without power and hot water for a few days. yeah learned that one the hard way. 

sometimes people need to hear that they are loved. assuming that they know that you love them isn't enough. 

lazy saturday mornings are the best idea ever.

having married (and single) friends adds so much to a marriage. being together alone is always wonderful, but some of our favorite memories this year were made with our friends.

metal and microwaves do not like each other. nuff said.

breakfast for dinner is the saving grace of all busy weeknights. saved my toosh countless times when the question of "what's for dinner?" pops up.

you don't have to do what everyone else is doing. it's okay if you're not having babies (or if you are having babies) or if you buy a dog or don't, or if you go home for the holidays or don't. luckily, that's why we have our own separate relationships and make our own choices.

saving a little bit of money each month goes a long way. money you never touch will someday be very helpful. 

being patient in the kitchen is maddening. why can't it all be perfect and delicious in twenty minutes? 

men like man food. or in other words, meat. salad is another way of saying "warm up." 

you will always lose when wrestling a 250 lb. man, even if he goes easy on you. i tried at least 30+ times to beat Chin at wrestling... still working on it.

dance parties in the living room might not be normal. and that's okay. :)

we will always be newlyweds. we're determined to keep that newlywed feeling alive. and so far, it's been pretty easy.


Natalie said...

i seriously love your blog. call me a creeper.
great advice. I hope i can remember it one day.

also, you and Christian are SO cute together. Where did you find a guy that size? perfect for us tall girls. See any other ones, send them my way :)

Lynne said...

Hayley, "Natalie" from above is the daughter of some old family friends. Call me and I will tell you!