September 28, 2011

ben & lindsey tie the knot

this past weekend, Chin's cousin Ben got married! 
We were so excited when they decided to get engaged and get married.
we love Ben and Lindsey so much, and i've considered Lindsey part of the family pretty much since i met her.
Chin has always considered Ben one of his closest cousins, because they were so close in age and their families get together often.
congrats you two little love birds!

lindsey's bridal shower! so cute.

beauties! i loved the stone colored bridesmaids dresses. so unique!


because they got married in Salt Lake, and Ben grew up in a little farm town in the mountains called Oakley, they decided to have a "country" theme for their reception. it turned out beautiful.
it was so beautifully simple with different patterns and textures, wild flowers and so much PIE,
but it was elegant and lovely as well.

the wedding party walking through the horse field after taking pictures out yonder

cuzzzzyyysss! for life.

i love this sweet picture of claire. did i mention she came?! it was fantastic.

what a perfect day. the weather, the couple, the family, the atmosphere.
it made me want to get married all over again!


Shelby Clark said...

Hayley! You look amazing! I am loving those bangs! So cute! :)

Teenage Bride said...

aww so sweet! I just love weddings!

Brooke Knecht said...

What a darling wedding! I love the decor! You look great!