October 20, 2011

the emerald city

i've been too scared to try putting glitter on my nails. i wasn't sure how it worked, but i thought it was finally time to give it a shot.
and i think it turned out well! i ended up picking off the glitter a few days ago because i'm weird about that stuff and like to pick my nails... don't worry i'm just crazy.
what is it with glitter and me recently anyways?
so all i used was China Glaze "Emerald Fitzgerald," craft glitter, and a top coat. I dipped my ring fingers in the glitter while my nails were still wet. and when the glitter set, i put the top coat on. easy!

it's foolproof.
now do it to it!


Tara said...

i've been doing that, but i just use a glittery polish or top coat instead of chunky glitter. i love it! i can't wait for the new muppets OPI collection to come out - check out "rainbow connection." so pretty!

Kylie said...

Miss Hayley! I saw someone at UR with this on their nails and I absolutely adored it. However, I think that the emerald you picked is much cuter--I never thought of that as a nail color before but am definitely going to try it out!