November 7, 2011


We had a great weekend. We booked it out of Provo Thursday night, after the week of all weeks.
literally. I had a story due, 2 tests, a presentation, a project, and a million things for work. it might not sound like a lot, but for yours truly who has a hard time being stressed, it felt like death.
There was snow on the ground when we landed in Denver. SNOW.
it through me for a loop but then i remembered that i like snow, and i like cuddling up to Christian inside watching the snow. it was then alright.

did you know that the more pollution in the air, the better sunset there is? I knew Utah was good for something.
i snapped this on our way to the airport.
 On Friday, Chin had an interview at the University of Colorado med school in Denver, and my in-laws had a funeral to go to, so I had the morning all to myself. I ended up playing with these two girls all morning, and by the time my in-laws got home, i was covered in dog fur.

 My mother in law, Lou Ann, took me to some home boutiques, where the stores were having major holiday sales. I found so many cute ideas and an idea for my Christmas decorations color palette (white, silver, and gold). I found this felt braided garland, and can't wait to make my own.

did i ever mention that i'm obsessed with these dogs?

I finally got to do a little bit of shopping, and with Lou Ann's help (she has impeccable taste) I was able to find some winter staples:
1. She treated me to the gold paisley shell, that i can't wait to wear to practically every holiday event for the next two months. bless her.
2. I finally found a black purse! I've been searching for a nice leather bag for quite some time, since i actually don't even have one at all, and i found this little gem at the Nordstrom sale this weekend. It was half price and still worth every penny. hello go-to bag for the next 10 years.
3. A frosty colored cableknit. I'm all about warm cozy sweaters this fall, and i fell in love with the heather mint color.

i took this picture a while ago, but i thought it applied to our drive back home last night.

i apologize for being a terrible picture taker! i left my camera at home, and instagram was my angel this weekend, however i missed getting pictures of the fam and of Chin. he is obviously more camera worthy than i am.
how was your weekend? 

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Elisabeth said...

this looks like such a fun trip!