December 22, 2011

DIY: Easy Anthropologie Gift Wrapping

I'm back in the blogosphere! Our trip to Phoenix had me stranded at dead grandparent's houses (more on that later) without Internet for four days. Needless to say trying to blog on your iPhone just isn't worth it. We had a great time in Phoenix and I'm excited to show you pictures, but for the next couple of days I want to talk ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS. You heard me, there are only what-- 3 days till Christmas? Um hello and goodbye December you were here for like 5 minutes.
I always get anxiety around this time of December because there is so much build-up to Christmas, and I can't handle the post-holiday depression that will no doubt ensue.
And now I'm rambling...
Today I have the easiest, cheapest craft ever for you.
I always get discouraged wrapping presents. They always look the same and it just gets to the point where glossy paper with green and red polka dots just doesn't cut it creatively for me.
So when I saw on Twitter that Anthropologie was giving away a free gift tag printable, I hopped right on that boat and went with it.
Because let's be real, Anthropologie and free don't really go together in the same sentence, and these tags were ADORABLE.
And while I love a good shopping trip to Anthropologie, I wasn't going to pay for more gift-wrapping materials that cost more money than the present being wrapped.
So I put together a little system on how to make your presents Anthropologie-pretty, but without breaking your bank.

What you'll need:
Anthropologie free gift tag printables, FOUND HERE
Cardstock for printing gift tags
Brown Kraft paper (cheap, versatile, and found at Office Depot) 
Baker's or regular twine (found at Michaels, I used red baker's twine)
tape & scissors for wrapping
Step 1: Download Anthropologie's free gift tags onto your computer. Print them out in color onto cardstock. Cut along the dotted lines to cut them into tags. Hole punch the tags where the circle at the top is.
Step 2: Grab a gift you need to wrap, and cut a piece of kraft paper that's an adequate size to wrap your gift, then wrap it all up!
Step 3: Tie up your gift all pretty with twine (or you could use grosgrain ribbon, velvet fabric strips, etc... be creative!), and before tying a bow, string your gift tag onto the twine and secure it tight.
Step 4: Label your gift tag for your special someone and place it under the tree to show up all the other wrapped gifts. :)


The end product! Good luck and happy wrapping. :)


Sara said...

these packages are so adorable!

Megan A. said...

So I showed this to my mom, we printed them out, and she's obsessed with you and Chin now.