December 27, 2011

From a New Angle

Did everyone have a great Christmas?
I hope you got everything you wanted and that you were able to spend some quality with family.

Our Christmas was a whopping success, filled with dogs and babies and presents and family. 
Christian and I slept under the Christmas tree on Christmas eve, and Sunday proved to be a day full of naps, a huge brunch and a lot of gifts.

All my siblings were here and we had a great time opening gifts and chatting and playing with all the babies. 

And now I am so excited to be blogging from a whole new angle.
I finally got a shiny new camera to give my little blog a face lift and take even better pictures to document our life.
With all the traveling and fun things we have going on in 2012, I can't wait to start celebrating life through a whole new perspective.
I feel like I have so much to learn!
I got the Canon T2i SLR, with a 55 mm f 1/8 lens.
I would never classify myself as a photographer, but I can't wait to start this new hobby and be able to take quality pictures that we can look back on forever.

a few snapshots from Christmas:

yes i DID wear my pjs all day besides at church. and i ate a LOT.

my cute cute sisters and my mom. love them.

My sweet brother-in-law got me this awesome Cath Kidston iPhone case that I've been wanting since I first got my iPhone in June! I was so surprised and excited when I opened it.

My little chubster of a nephew, Cameron. Who also happens to be one of the sweetest little baby, like ever.

I know this picture doesn't have a whole lot of significance, but sometimes I just can't believe how grown up my niece is getting. She's only 5 and already loves makeup and clothes and skinny jeans. She is definitely related to me.

And then there's Chin. He's been such a trooper this Christmas and I love him a lot.

How was your Christmas? Did you get anything fun?

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Kylie said...

I received a new camera for christmas also! I hope you enjoy your T2i, the Canon Rebel series is great!