January 17, 2012

A New Blog Name!

Notice anything different around here?
I took a bold step this weekend and changed the title of this little old blog.
It will forever be the "Newlywed Pingrees," because Christian and I will forever be newlyweds, but I thought I would change it to something a little bit more sophisticated, and a little bit more me.
Yes this blog is about both Christian and I, but I thought a new title would help to steer this blog in the direction that I want it to go in: a journal, not only about marriage but about the things in life that make it beautiful.
I'm not technically a housewife, but I know that I will be someday.
And between the cooking and cleaning that happens around here day to day, I feel like I earn that title, and can't wait to start blogging from a new perspective.
The content will be the same: very me, very girly, very light (and sometimes too fluffy), with a hint of mushy love stories thrown in between and my thoughts on cooking, clothing, traveling, and life in general.
You know how I do.

So, I know it's a change, and change can be hard, but I hope you all understand why I chose to change the name of our blog, and that you'll keep reading! 

because I'm obsessed with you guys.


What do you think of the change? I've already gotten a complaint on formspring... Which wasn't pleasant but that's okay! Change isn't easy people.


Mrs W said...

Its perfect :) I already enjoy reading about your take on life. Don't let those negative comments get to you - you're brilliant! :)

Elisabeth said...

i feel like you get way too much grief on form spring - i love it hayley :)

Lynne said...

I like it. You know "housewife" is the most noble profession in my opinion. Go you. Also, I LOVE your blog and I love you more.

Melissa said...

I love it. So adorable