January 20, 2012

On Doing What You Love

As the end of my college career looms nearer (scary!), I've been thinking a lot about what the future has in store.
I've always admired Christian's drive and ambition; he loves school because he loves what he learns about, and his path to medical school is something he's been confident about since a little kid. 
The way the human body works fascinates him, and his school work reflects his love and passion for his future career. And honestly, I really envy it.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my major. Public relations is a great fit for me. I walked out of my first day of intro to PR my freshman and thought, WOW, this is what I love. I love being in an ever-changing world with media and new challenges every day. I love working with anyone and everyone, and sharing my voice and advocating for things that really do matter. I love problem solving and using my instincts to help others and make a difference. 

I couldn't be happier with the major that I picked. 
But... Sometimes I wondered if I would ever find my niche in PR. I watch these amazing students being leaders in the PR program, they know where they're going and they take charge because they have a purpose and ambition.
And while I always knew I had a "purpose," I feel like recently I found mine.
It sounds silly, but event management is something that I think I am really good at it.
That might make me sound really conceited, but it doesn't happen too often where I really feel like I have a talent that's worth sharing and expounding upon.

I love that feeling of planning and organizing, and my mind moves a mile a minute with a vision of how I want the end result to be. I'm not technically an "artsy" person, but I think that I have an eye for design and can pull things together.
I'm taking an event planning class this semester, and the more I learn about event management, the more I love it. When I'm in my element, I feel confident enough to step up and be a leader, a role which I haven't ever been brave enough to do in the PR program.

I finally feel like I'm in the right place, doing the right things. PR opens up so many doors, and for me, it helped me realize that I can do event planning and management.

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What's your niche? Have you ever felt this way too?

Happy Friday!


Chuck said...

pshhh... I think you are one of the people that others look up to in the program! Not only doing school but keeping up all the extra-curricular stuff that you love is admirable! I hear people talking about "Hayley Pingree" all the time and how they "want her life!" Seriously, I do. Glad you love event management - you did an awesome job publicizing our event - thanks.


Melissa said...

I love you Hayl. You do have a knack for the events and you are going to be a great group leader :).

Oh yeah and I'm obsessed with you.

We're gonna be the next bashplease!

Autumn said...

I worry about the niche thing too. When I dropped my graduate program over break...it was hard because I thought I found my niche within the special education world. Now, I'm realizing I still hasve one, but it isn't that one.

Brooke said...

Hello there! I love your blog, and I'm only two posts in. Also, I feel like your events management skills will really come in handy soon... as in, March 8. At least they will if Elisabeth has anything to say about it :)