January 31, 2012

The Shop

Okay so here goes nothing! I feel really silly doing this but hopefully this will get rid of some of the clothes in my closet and help to let me organize a little bit better. :) 

So here's how it will work:
If you're interested in any of these items, please email me at HAYLEY.DICKENS@GMAIL.COM (if you comment on this post I can't guarantee you'll get an item of clothing if someone emails me about the same item). If you are local (in Provo, Springville, or Orem), you won't be charged for shipping, and hopefully we can work it out where I can just bring the clothes to you. 

If you're not local, the prices listed below don't include shipping (but it will only be about $2-3 extra). Please email me and we can work out payment and shipping details!

Happy shopping! 

Target spring jacket, size S: $15

Target jersey knit dress (knee length), size M: $12


 Forever 21 swiss dot dress (hits mid thigh), size S: $10

Downeast Outfitters jersey knit dress (knee length), size S: $12

Ralph Lauren pink striped button down, size 6: $15


Ralph Lauren navy striped polo, size S: $12


Forever 21 purple long-sleeved tee, size S: $5

Gap Chambray button down, size M: $8


Ralph Lauren grey chambray button down, size M: $12

Macy's winter top, size S: $5

Banana Republic top, plum, size M: $8

Tommy Hilfiger floral blouse, size M: $15

Ralph Lauren aqua striped oxford button down, size 2: $15


American Eagle shimmer sweater, grey, size XS: $10

Gap wool boyfriend sweater, black, size M (fits loosely): $15

Gap gray grosgrain ribbon front tee, size M: $8


Nordstrom Rack 3/4 length sleeve ruffle cardigan, light gray, size S (but fits very loosely): $10


Banana Republic rust extra-soft tank, size S (fits loosely): $5


American Eagle brown checkered blouse, size 4: $10

Old Navy brown stretch cardigan, size XS (but stretches a lot): $5

New York & Company black wool ruffle cardigan with rhinestone buttons, size S: $10

American Eagle tartan plaid blouse, size 2: $12

Gap flannel plaid ruffle tunic, size XS (but fits very loosely): $15


Aeropostale checkered ruffle blouse, size M: $5

Ralph Lauren striped v-neck sweater, red & navy, size L: $15

Banana Republic peach stretch tee, size S: $5

American Eagle checkered button down tunic, size 6: $10

Gap button down tuxedo shirt, white and cream, size M: $12

Volcom crochet cream hoodie, size M: $12

H&M lace high neck blouse, cream, size 4: $8

J.Crew watercolor pencil skirt, pink, mustard, gold, cream, size 6: $30


Land's End white pencil skirt, size 6: $20

Ralph Lauren white cardigan, size XS: $10


Kerri Rogers said...

why are you selling so many CUTE clothes? how would we go about buying any of this?

Elysse said...

I will take the Gap Chambray button down! How does this work??

The Pingrees said...

Hi Kerri and Elysse, just email me at Hayley.dickens@gmail.com, and tell what you would like, and we can work out the shipping or delivery details!

Sherry Gammon YA Author said...

Everything is Size small! Way too big for me...bummer!