January 2, 2012

Welcoming 2012

Happy New Year!
After an on-the-go but thoroughly enjoyable Christmas break, Christian and I are ready to begin a whole new year. Last night we reflected about things we loved in 2011, and goals and ways to improve to make 2012 our best year yet.
There's something about having someone to help motivate you and encourage you to accomplish your goals. With a partner like Chin, I feel like I can do anything, and if I fail, he'll be there to help lift me back up. 
The way we celebrated New Year's Eve this year was a little unconventional. Last year was spent with Chin's family in Denver, shooting off fireworks in the driveway and watching the ball drop at home after a nice dinner on the town.
With my family, we always order in Chinese and eat lo mein and watch the ball drop, and I'm usually the only one who can stay awake.
This year, no fireworks were shot and sesame chicken was nowhere to be found. Christian and I ended up spending the night just the two of us. And though we both missed the traditions that our families have, it was a treat to spend some quality time just the two of us.

We started the night at Happy Sumo, a sushi joint that we both thoroughly enjoy, which is saying something (we're both picky about our sushi).
Edamame, peanut chicken stir fry, spicy tuna and salmon rolls. ohhh yummm.


After dinner we headed to a movie and then came home to make Chin's favorite- peanut butter blossoms. We don't make them often but it's always a treat when we have them.

What do you think of my new chevron addition to my mixer? I think it adds a fun little touch to our kitchen! purchased here

Watching the ball drop with sparkling cider and peanut butter blossoms was not how I expected to spend the night, but it ended up being amazing. I feel so ready to welcome 2012 and hope that your New Year's Eve was everything you wanted it to be!


Shelby Clark said...

Hayley! Your pictures look great! I love them! Also, we love Happy Sumo! We'll have to double sometime when we are down in Provo!! :)

Ali said...

My little photog. I couldn't be more proud.

Mrs W said...

Those peanut butter blossoms look mouth-watering good!