August 15, 2012

Lake Michigan

A couple of weeks ago, on our way out to New York, we stopped in South Haven, MI to spend a week on the lake with Chin's family.
It was the first time we had seen his family for a long time, and it was great to get together and see everyone (especially a brand new small little baby bundle of joy!).
I had never been to Michigan... and honestly I was hesitant if not extremely skeptical. 
However, I was pleasantly surprised. We were on the southeast side of Lake Michigan (so the west side of MI), and the town where we vacationed was quaint, quiet, and one of those small towns with lots of character and hidden gems. 
We ended up spending a LOT of time at the lake, which felt like the ocean because the beach was huge and sandy. We took walks on the water and jet skied and paddle boarded and had a blast on the water.
The rest of the time we spent eating. I mean the Pingrees just love to eat so I feel great about that. We ate ice cream twice a day and chowed down on slathered up ribs and picked 10 pounds (for real) of blueberries and snacked to our hearts' content. 
I felt as though we were right in the heart of small-town America, a feeling that you don't get a lot out west or east, and I really liked being in the midwest, in the heart of it all. 

Did I mention South Haven is the blueberry capital of the world?

Timbo in berry heaven

I think we ended up going to Sherman's about 4 times throughout the week. It was THE place to go for ice cream in South Haven, and I have to say it was just downright amazing. Give me a waffle cone and some sprinkles or give me death.

Golfing pros
Doesn't this look like the ocean? A view of the sunset from our lakehouse
A local bakery in town with cafeteria-style dining and so many pastries I thought I had gone to donut heaven

The little theatre "downtown"

I have such great in-laws. I feel so spoiled to have gone on so many wonderful trips this summer. Whether it was Rome or Midwest America, we've had such a blast this summer.

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Mrs W said...

That sunset is almost unreal - sooo pretty!!