October 8, 2012

We Booked a Ticket...

Christian and I did something crazy this weekend. 
We booked a trip to IRELAND.
Of all places, and of all things, we booked a trip to go to the UK and spend a week traveling the coast of southern Ireland. 
Here's what happened:
I give Christian a hard time for not being spontaneous. Which is awful, since he is actually really fun to be with and we do a lot of great things together. It's not even that he's not spontaneous, it's that he's logical, and rational. He is very conscious of our finances and likes to be certain and sure about big decisions that we make.
So naturally, I'm the exact opposite. I'm about as impractical as it gets when it comes to wanting to travel EVERYWHERE and all I can think about is going on adventures and spending money on something because it's pretty instead of practical. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about frugality and clearance sections and final sales are my best friends.
But I also feel like while we're young (and don't have any kids yet) that we should go on all sorts of adventures.
Christian keeps me sane and level-headed, and we balance each other out really well. I'm grateful for his rationality.
 So sometimes when I'm tossing and turning and can't sleep at night, I'll go on travel sites and see what deals are happening and how much it costs to travel to certain places. I've never been very serious about it, or even really thought about booking a trip, but it's just fun to see all the places we COULD go (I'm insane, really). 
One night, I was up skimming the web when I found an incredible deal for a 7 day trip to Ireland. For some reason my brain went into travel mode, and I REALLY wanted to go. A trip to Ireland (over Chin's spring break), driving along the countryside coast, seeing a place that I have always wanted to.
I talked to Christian about it, expecting him to say that we wouldn't be able to for multiple reasons, when instead he said that we should do it.
So we've been talking about it for a few days, finding out as much as we could about the deal, and praying about it just to make sure it was a good decision.
And yesterday, we booked the deal!
I've always wanted to go to the UK. My whole ancestry is there (I'm very much British and Welsh) and all I can think about is driving through the Irish country side, getting out of our car to herd sheep across the road and wearing rainboots and fisherman sweaters. 
We decided the trip was our gift to each other, for getting through 4 months without each other. A trip, just the two of us, where we get to spend every second together in a romantic place having all sorts of adventures. I am thrilled.
We have never booked a vacation for just the two of us before. We've booked a trip with friends when we went to California two summers ago, but never just us two. Our trip to Europe last summer was a graduation gift from my parents, and we went with my family, and everywhere else we've been has been with other people since our honeymoon. 
Not that we wouldn't love for others to join us, but there's a joy in booking your own trip with your own money, and planning a vacation on all on our own. 
We are so excited! :) 

p.s. We have NO idea what to expect when it comes to this vacation (I just think about the movie Leap Year when it comes to Ireland and that's about it), does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions?


SarahJane Miller said...

I love this! You are going to have the time of your life!!!

anna said...

how exciting! i love ireland! make sure to check out the book of kells... and go to northern ireland, if you get a chance!