December 6, 2012

My Workout Routine

I got a lot of response from my post about my weight loss yesterday. Honestly I was really surprised but overwhelmed with gratitude for your support. Losing weight is hard, and I couldn't believe all the nice people who emailed, commented, and were so supportive of me! Thank you so much.
I got a few emails/facebook messages/comments asking what my "secret" was. I didn't go on any special diet or anything- basically I just stopped eating like a pig and started exercising more (there was actually a little bit more to it but I'll delve into that).
But I decided over the next couple posts to talk about my fitness routine and eating habits that helped me reach my first fitness goal.
I'll break it up into 2 posts and today I thought I'd talk about what I changed in my exercise habits.

Let me first say that I don't think it's possible to get healthy and fit by just eating healthy or just exercising. It's a two-part process and both components are important (not that I'm an expert, but in my personal and learned opinion this is what I think). 

So here's what I do:
I try to work out 4-5 days a week, taking a "rest day" on Friday and Sunday. I used to hate exercising and now I hate it when I don't get to go. Getting motivated is hard, but I ALWAYS feel better after I go. No matter what. 
On Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday I pick from one of the Victoria's Secret workouts below, and do about 15 minutes of cardio (usually the elliptical) after.* Those workouts have changed my life. They are tough, and hard, but are perfect for toning and only take about 35-45 minutes to complete, so after a few minutes of cardio you are out of the gym in about an hour. That's my kind of workout. What I did when I first started doing them was I watched the video and then wrote out the workout on my phone as a reference. But I'm nice and wrote them out for you (I still suggest you watch the videos so you know what I'm referring to and how to do the exercises if you don't already- I had never done a lot of them) at the bottom of this post above the videos!
On Tuesday and Thursday I do 35 minutes of Zumba followed by 40 minutes of cycling. I took them this semester as college courses and so I had to go since I got graded. Talk about motivation! I loved both of those classes because they were so much more fun than running on the treadmill (or running in general since I'm terrible at it), plus they work a lot of muscles too, instead of just being some form of heart healthy cardio.

*Speaking of cardio: A lot of people think that exercising is all about the cardio, which isn't true. Aerobic exercise is great for your heart, endurance, and may help you lose weight, but getting toned comes from strengthening/resistance exercise (like the VS workouts). They're both important, but if you're looking to lose weight and gain muscle, never skip the resistance.

There you have it! In my next post I'll talk about my eating habits. If you have any questions please feel free to ask or comment :)

VS Arms Workout:
Warm up: 1-2 min. jumping jacks
3 sets of 30 seconds- Small Push-up Pulses

3 sets of 60 seconds- Straight Punch
3 reps of 4 pulses per arm- Alternating Medicine Ball Push Up
3 sets of 30 seconds- Tricep Dips
3 sets of 30 seconds per arm- Row to Chest
3 sets of 60 seconds- Alternating Punches

3 sets of 15 seconds per arm- 3 Point Pushup
3 sets of 30 seconds- Diamond Pushup

VS Legs Workout:
Warm up: 1 minute running in place, then high knees 1 minute
Calf raise/ankle touch: 3 sets of 60 seconds
Lunge: 2 sets of 10 per leg, then add weight and do 3 sets of 1 min each side
Reverse lunge: 2 sets of 10 per leg, then pulse 3 sets of 30-60 seconds
Side lunge: 3 sets of 10 each leg
PUT IT ALL TOGETHER: alternate front lunge, side lunge, reverse lunge, 3 sets of 60 seconds each side

VS Core Workout:
Warm up, jumping jacks 1 minute, Jump Rope 3 minutes
Aero twist: 3 sets of 60 seconds
Oblique twist: 3 sets of 60 seconds
Plank: 3 sets of 40 seconds
Around the world plank: 3 sets of all extremities lifted
Aeroblique: 3 sets of 40 seconds per side
Crunch: 3 sets of 30 seconds
Seated twist with med ball: 3 sets of 40 seconds


Laura said...

Hooray! Since I'm stuck at home I've had a hard time finding things I can do here. Thanks for posting these!

Congrats on reaching your first goal! I know you can make your other goal too!

SarahJane Miller said...

You go girl! I am pinning this to my exercise board to reference when I need something new, thanks!

Ashlee Headlee said...

These workouts are my new favorites! Partly because of the guy's eye patch. haha.

Nicolas Ervin said...

It must have been a real challenge for you to lose 30 pounds. It needs great motivation and self control to achieve your desired body figure and weight. Well, I salute you for being so determined! Anyway, have you lost the remaining 15 pounds? How was your workout routine?

>Nicolas Ervin

Bernardine Terranova said...

Good point! Exercising isn’t all about cardio. Getting toned doesn’t come from cardio alone. It is attainable through stretches and strengthening workouts. Yoga is an example. Sports is also a way to lose weight without having to pull weights at the gym. It’s important that you have a variety of workout routine, so that you won’t get bored and you’d stay motivated and more interested in losing weight.

Bernardine Terranova

Kristine Remsen said...

This looks like a great alternative when I don’t have time to go to the gym, or maybe a good replacement for going to the gym altogether. I agree on the diet part. Sometimes, it really isn’t about the food you’re eating, but the amount. Right now, I’m eating normally, but I usually just eat a full meal either at breakfast or lunch, then have a low-carb/high fiber or protein meal on the other two.

I’m going to try your workout routine when my gym membership expires. Hopefully it works out great.

Kristine Remsen