January 9, 2013

Playing Catch Up

I've been silent on here for a few weeks now. Not because I didn't have anything to say... In fact there are a lot of things I actually want to blog about. 
I've been MIA mainly because I've been doing real life things and just haven't really had time to document it on here.
These past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We flew to Denver for a couple weeks for Christmas, and then drove from Denver back to Rochester with all of our stuff packed to the brim in our car. Driving across the country in the middle of winter is something I hope to NEVER experience again.
The weather was relatively mild except for a few rough spots, but not having any rear view mirror visibility (from all our stuff) while driving on icy, windy roads made for plenty of Hayley breakdowns. I'm a nervous driver/passenger anyways, and I cried a LOT on our 1600 mile journey back to NY. I'm a baby.

Now that we're back in New York, Chin is back in school and I've been working like a mad woman on our house/trying to find a job. Our new place is coming along slowly... like molasses pace. However, we're moving in this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! We'll still have a lot to do but at least we'll be able to stay there instead of driving over to work on it every day.

Our Christmas in Denver was delightful. We spent the time with Chin's family. We ate WAY TOO MUCH (I'm still full), shopped, got our butts kicked at a few spin classes, and spent time with our niece and Chin's family's pups. 


How was your Christmas? 
I have to admit that I'm excited that 2013 is here. 2013 is the year we move into our new place and settle into Rochester, and we're also headed to Ireland in a few months! Plus, come June Chin will have finished his first year of medical school and here's hoping in the next little bit I'll be able to start at a new big girl job. Fingers crossed! Bring it on 2013!

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*amber* said...

Hayley, I'm so happy you made it over there safely! Any big roadtrip during the winter is so scary... I can't wait to see updates on your cute house!