June 5, 2013


I've kind of turned my life upside down lately. I'm not exactly sure what's gotten into me and why all of a sudden I've turned into a rebellious teenager of sorts, but I'm feeling pretty good about it. 
I'm on this self-discovery bender and I've kind of decided to stop wishing things would happen, and just make them happen. 
Living alone does dangerous things to me. And I've lived alone a LOT this year. Being alone makes for a lot of quiet moments and a lot of thinking (read: daydreaming). I find myself late at night on my laptop scouring the internet for travel deals and planning trips all the way up to the point of booking them. I also find myself looking up prices on different classes I want to take and online shopping like a boss (actually not really- online shopping terrifies me and I work right by the mall so I tend to shy away from buying on the internet).
Let it be known though- I've turned into this free-spirit freak and I guess working all day and being alone at night will do that to you. It makes you want to be a little more free than you can actually be. 
This blog post will make sense to the rest of you in a little while, trust me. Just be aware: I'm not sitting in the passenger's seat of my own life anymore. I'm in the driver's seat going 150 mph.


elizabeth, elles, eliza, beth, etc said...

i love that quote and it applies to so many things! can't wait to hear about your exciting plans!

Melissa said...

You go girl!