March 30, 2010

A Little Bit of Background Info...

The beautiful girl on the left is Claire Pingree. We met on the first night of the Hill Cumorah Pageant in 2007 after a long night of rehearsal. Our good friends, the Crossley twins, introduced us. Let me tell you, it has been love ever since.

Ever since that day, Claire and I have been twins (in the quite literal sense, we both are tall and lanky girls with similar tastes and interests, and hair, and smiles, and clothes, and families, and dogs, and well... just about everything). We were reunited in 2008 back at the Pageant and I am lucky enough to see her several times a week, since we both to BYU and all (oh, and I'm
marrying her brother).
So what does Claire have to do with Christian and Me? Well... After years of confidently telling Claire that I would someday marry her brother, I begged her to set me up with him for months out here at BYU. Unfortunately, Christian had made a rule to not date freshman girls, and i had made a similar rule to not date R.M.s (he was my exception, seriously). It wasn't until Christian saw me in person that he decided that he would FINALLY ask me out. So Claire, thank you, for being so diligent with your matchmaking skills, we really owe you.

We have been deliriously happy ever since! Our first date was at temple square, and we really think that it's always better when we're together. So... First comes love. Then comes... Marriage. :)

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