June 20, 2010


FIRST: Congrats to Noel and Amber, my brother and favorite sister-in-law! They found out that turbo #2 is a baby boy! They're due in early November so congrats on another little boy and adorable addition to the Dickens family! Keep it up you two.
Check out their blog --> noelamberdickens.blogspot.com <-- to see all the cuteness.
Christian and i finally got all the announcements out right on time! In the wedding world, announcements are supposed to be sent out 6 weeks before the wedding... Well, our wedding is exactly 6 weeks away as of yesterday and i sent out/delivered ALL of the announcements yesterday! It took me 10 hours Friday to type up labels, print them, put them on the envelope (along with the stamps), and seal the envelopes. Just for Christian's side. We got the Dickens' announcements together on Wednesday and Thursday and sent them on Friday, and sent out Chin's on Saturday.
can you say relief? I feel like everything is finally coming together and the announcements are no longer hanging over my head. hallefreakinlujiah.
here's the picture we used for the announcement... most of you will probably get one, but if not, this is what you're missing- sorry!

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Teenage Bride said...

CUTE!!!!! The two of you are adorable