June 16, 2010

dysfunctional interning and words of wisdom

i started an internship this week. I'm working as an intern at my Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP, the law firm where my dad is an attorney. i'm interning for the Marketing Director of the firm, Kelly Beauchamp. She does all the marketing, advertising, and pr for the firm and she is great. I've been working steady 8-5 everyday and i even have my own office overlooking State Street. It's been really fun because i get to dress up every day in my heels and pencil skirts and blazers and blouses and all that great stuff. While i might look the part, let me tell you i do not act the part. I am out of my element! My clumsiness never fails me and i am constantly tripping and running into things in the office while everyone else is a PRO. i've probably deleted a million files that i didn't mean to and dropped 1000 pens on the ground and wasted about 6 trees of paper... At least it's only my third day and they haven't fired me yet...

Last night... Suzanne Stockman and Gloria Mylroie (our best best best family friends) threw me a bridal shower! The turn out was great and i even got to see one of my very best friends from high school, Sandra. It was so nice to have such wonderful ladies there to support me and celebrate with me. :)
The shower was lovely. We played a game where Suzanne asked Christian some questions, he sent back answers to them, and then i had to answer the same questions and see how our answers compared. I swear we were meant for each other. 75% of our answers were word-for-word the same and the ones that weren't, were pretty close. The ladies at the shower were enamored with Christian and kept asking if he had a twin brother. I'm pretty lucky :)
I got great gifts that i am so excited about and i cannot wait for me and Chin to have a little home of our own so we can start using all of our cool new things! They had yummy food at the shower and lots of good company and i was beaming the whole night.
Probably my favorite part of the shower was the advice that everyone gave me. Everytime i opened a gift, the person whom the gift was from gave me a piece of advice for marriage...

1."Whenever you take pictures, write down who is in the picture and the date." -Debbie Rasmussen
2. "Make sure you always have icecream in the freezer." -Debbie Bowman
3. "Take pictures of every home and car you have." -Linda Riker
4. "Don't say everything you think." -Mary Ward
5. "If you put each others needs before your own, everyone's needs will be met." -Becky and Chloe Buffum
6. "Start writing down the happy times so they can sustain you in the hard times." -Karen Cain
7. "Be happily independent and never expect him home at a certain time or you will be disappointed." -Karin Mayo
8. "The couples who are happiest are the ones who expect from the other person what they expect of themselves." -Madeleine Mayo
9. "Clean as you go!" -mom
10. "Never go to bed mad and always kiss him goodbye." Grandma
11. "Say morning and evening prayers together, even when you're apart." -Mary Holahan
12. "Be patient."- Mary Lynn Jones
13. "Learn of his love and be grateful for it." -Kristi Jung
14. "Don't buy anything you have to iron." -Charlene Price
15. "Don't start anything you dont want to do for the next 60 years." -Gloria Mylroie
16. "Go to the temple weekly." -Catherine Giambattista
17. "Do your saturday chores together. & enhance your marriage by having wonderful friends around you." -Meredith and Suzanne Stockman
18. "Make a little time for yourself." -Sandra Levermore
19. "Have pillow talk." -Karen Lane
20. "Go on a date every week." -Janalyn Ruder
21. "Have a LOT of fun in your marriage no matter how old you are!" -Lydelle Rumsey (she's the one who got me the lingerie...)
22. "Don't start anything in your first year of marriage that you don't intend to keep doing." -Cheryl Taylor
23. "There will be times when Christian is upset- know what calms him down and what makes him laugh." -Brenda Whitehead

Thanks to everyone for making last night so special and for all the advice.

Life is so wonderful. I am having a blast at my internship, i have amazing people in my life, i'm about to marry the man of my dreams... and i stare outside my office window everyday and wonder if life can get much better... and just when i think it can't, i get to come home and talk to Christian every night. I'm the happiest girl in the world!

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