June 29, 2010

when it rains it pours

if you didn't know- chin and i are training for the park city half on August 21st. We have a schedule all put together, and Saturdays are our "long run" days. We're now up to 8 miles and this past saturday was 7.
Because of all the things i had to get done last saturday, i didn't get a chance to go on our long run... SO, i decided i would go on Monday (yesterday) to get it done with. So i started out on my seven mile trek and the weather was quite pleasant: cloudy, cool, and humid.
About two miles into the run it started to drizzle, and before i knew it, it was POURING. I don't mean a nice summer rain, i mean torrential downpour.
i could barely see in front of me it was raining so hard, and it didn't pass or stop. it just kept raining! i turned around at the 3 mile mark, so i only ran 6 miles, one mile short. On the way back from my run, at maybe the 5 mile mark, it went from pouring rain to HOT sunshine. Talk
about unlucky.

the picture doesn't do it justice and you can't tell how soaked i really was.
can you say best day ever?! Pageant is almost here and i am freaking out. My mom is really stressed out trying to get everything ready for pageant and we are both running around quite busy.
But i cannot wait to see all the pingrees and CHRISTIAN

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