July 4, 2010

pageant bliss

and so it begins. the best weeks of my summer have finally begun. On Wednesday i woke up early to clean and do some yard work, then i headed to the airport to pick up the pingrees! The only thing is... Christian didn't know i was coming.
He had told me that they were getting into Rochester at midnight on Wednesday- in hopes to try and surprise me at my house Wednesday afternoon. he just didn't realize that i was wayyyy ahead of him in the sneaky game. I met them right outside the terminal with a sign and some lunch and Christian was SO surprised... He jumped about ten feet when i yelled his name.
I picked up Andie on wednesday afternoon and we all had a big dinner at the house wednesday night.
Pageant started on Friday and it was amazing to see old friends and see all the new faces of Pageant 2010! Friday afternoon Christian and I went and got our marriage license, it's actually happening! friday night was the opening devotional and then casting started. I was cast as a harvest dancer, i was a harvest dancer in '07 and it's a very fun part! My costume is really pretty. Christian was cast as Nativity Joseph and Claire is a trumpeter! Andie is a ceremonial dancer and Heather Crossley was cast as a lamanite dancer.
Saturday was BOILING hot and was spent all day in the sun rehearsing. I met my cast team and all the people in it seem really nice.
Today we had Sacrament meeting in the study shelter, then in the afternoon Christian and i went to the Sacred Grove so i could show him my very favorite spot in the grove and we talked there for quite a while. It was such a special after noon. Pageant so far is wonderful and i feel so lucky to be here... :)

sorry for the lack of pictures... I've only taken a few so far.

after casting...

i took Christian and Graham to Fairport Hots so they could try garbage plates... They loved them and downed them! Chin- sporting the final product

We got a quick snapshot before entering the grove today. it is so beautiful there. i love him :)

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