July 18, 2010

another pageant come and gone

please try not to hate me for waiting so long to post. the Hill Cumorah Pageant was in full swing these past couple weeks and i have been doing my best to stay above water.
This year's experience at the pageant was different than any other year. I felt really independent and i felt really scatterbrained. My mind was on a million different things (like wedding plans). But of course i had a blast. I met so many amazing people and reconnected and strengthened my friendship with others.
It's unbelievable to me that in less than two weeks... i'll be married. Where has the time gone?! Everyone at pageant was so supportive of Christian and me and that was wonderful to be in such a loving and understanding environment. Christian and i had a wonderful time growing closer to each other, to the Lord, and to the people we interacted with throughout pageant.
The Pingrees headed back to denver for ten days and they'll be back probably faster than i'm imagining.
i feel really lucky- pageant was a very spiritual experience for me this year. i had the opportunity to go through the temple for the first time yesterday, and it was amazing! i feel so blessed to be a part of a church that i know is true and to have an eternal family. I can't wait until i get to be with Christian forever and to someday have a family with him, where we can be together forever.

here are the latest pageant pics!

brooke and me today... luckily she'll be here for another week so i didnt have to say goodbye to her just quite yet :)

Chloe, the Tomas, and me! The Tomas were our cast team leaders and they were WONDERFUL. they were so supportive and were great examples to all of us.

my little chlo chlo! i feel really lucky to have gotten so close to Chloe this year. and to think back in the day we werent even friends!

Andie, who stayed at my house, obviously drove home together every night. It would be late and we were both always EXHAUSTED. we would giggle endlessly and most of our inside jokes from this year came from our late night car parties.

Dallon, Greg, and I have been friends since my first teenage year back at pageant in 2006. Dallon is about to leave for his mission to Arizona, and Greg headed back to afghanistan today where he's stationed in the army. I am soooo lucky i know these two incredible boys.

my soon-to-be sister :) PINCH ME!

chin and i outside the temple after i went through the temple the first time :)
the family outside the temple.
it is so beautiful there! two more weeks (less than).


Chloe, me, Tessa, and Jacque at the Grandon building.

Kelsey, Kirsten, and Me during our service project at Pal-Mac high school. We scraped gum off tables. yummm

chlo, bryn, and me on picture day :)

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