August 28, 2010

hellloooo chaos!

life is wonderful- but busier than ever.
School starts on Monday and we are officially all moved into #505.
Wednesday last week we drove from Denver to Provo and after getting a late start to our drive, we got into Provo at midnight.
We had to wake up our managers (who have a six month old adorable baby) at 12:30 to get our key and when we finally got them up, we moved all of our stuff out of our PACKED car up three flights of stairs into our new apartment. As we moved everything into our apartment, i flicked the light switch and lo and behold- we had no electricity. soooo we continued to move in in the pitch black and also realized we had no hot water... or a queen bed. just two single beds that didn't push together. so we moved the mattresses together in the living room and slept there for the night.
my mom came to provo a couple days later and helped us get everything unpacked and organized and DECORATED! it took us a full week but everything looks so much better now and we finally have a home :)
life is busy but so wonderful. we are having a blast playing house and i am loving cooking and baking and being a wife! it is just too fun.
i haven't been feeling all that great lately, so Lou Ann (my wonderful mother-in-law) took me to the health center, and i got some antibiotics... which made me quite dizzy.
sooo when we went to Cafe Rio later that afternoon, i got really hot and dizzy- and passed out in front of about fifty people. can you say embarrassing?! it was not my favorite experience.
there must be something wrong with me going out to eat with the pingrees (see "Updates Pt. 2" post from june for details).

our first view of the living room...
the bedroom

the fam at dinner for marens birthday
our finished guest room!
finished kitchen!
the living room DONE

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