September 2, 2010

byu bliss

can you believe september is here already?
chin and i celebrated our one month anniversary on tuesday night- now that is crazy that we've already been married a month! one month down- eternity to go. :)

School started for us on Monday and there is nothing like being back on byu campus.
first of all- i SWEAR there are a million more students this year than last. campus is jam packed! not that i'm complaining- i love the big school atmosphere. Music has been playing constantly through brigham square and classes haven't gotten too intense yet, plus i've seen and gotten together with tons of friends from freshman year.
our first football game is on Saturday vs. Washington and i cannot WAIT to be back in good old Lavell Edwards stadium cheering with the other thousands of BYU fans all wearing blue and white. COUGARNATION! i love byu. there is no school like it.

chin on the first day of school. He looked like a j.crew model. he does the dishes and i get to dress him everyday. i love my husband!

tonight i made Tortilla Soup from
she is a great cook and is helping me (i am such a rookie) make dinner every night.
the picture doesn't do it justice- it was delicious!
we put a vinyl monogram above our bed... it was so tough to put up! we seem to have everything in our house monogrammed.... our towels, our bed, our key hooks. we must really love our initials? i'm not so sure.

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