September 14, 2010

another day another dollar

menu for this week?
tonight: chicken and rice (amber's recipe that looks delish and way more involved than the name says!)
wednesday: we're going to the temple so it will probably be english muffin pizzas...
thursday: BBQ baked homemade mac and cheese. helllooooo calories
friday: hamburgers

well i'm not really sure why i included what i'm making for dinner this week. i guess i am just really proud of the fact that i am still cooking every day! it's a feat trying to feed my food-loving husband.
it's been a while... not too much has happened lately.
this past weekend was stake/regional conference and it was wonderful! we got to hear Elder Holland, President Packer, Elder Snow, and Sister Beck speak. plus Elder Scott and Elder Hales in devotional today and on Sunday night. i feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful church that has such amazing leadership that gives us divine inspiration and guidance!
on friday i got to skype with my girls from home Jackie Crozier and Laurise Bone. They are both up at BYU idaho and i haven't seen Jackie for almost a year and i haven't seen Laurise since July. It was so good to talk to them and hear what they're up to. love you girls!
Last night was the start of Gossip Girl... my guilty pleasure that me and my roommate from last year Erica were obsessed with. and lauren, our practically roommate from freshman year. :)
unfortunately... we missed the show. stupid stupid stupid. but i got to catch up with them which was WONDERFUL. i miss them a lot.

chin is doing really well lately. he is super busy with all his classes and his research position but we are still madly in love and having fun together! i am so lucky to have him. last night we went with Maren and Jordan to dinner at the Pizza Pie Cafe.
Chin loves it because it's all you can eat... i just like the dessert pizza.
Maren and Jordan have been such a big help lately. i owe them so much and love them a lot. i love having family close by!

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