September 6, 2010

happy birthday skinny lynny

today was my mom's birthday, and she is pretty much famous since everyone got to take off work for it!
mom- i love you and i hope you had a wonderful day.
my mom is the coolest. she has the best advice and is full of wisdom and knows pretty much everything. she can sew ANYTHING (seriously it's amazing), cook wonders, and do practically anything. i want to be my mom when i grow up.
mom you are so cool! i love you and happy birthday.

along with the great events of my mom's birthday this weekend, this holiday weekend has been festive and busy! on friday night we went to dinner (at costa of course) and then headed to the volleyball game with our MARRIED friends (woah baby- can you believe it?) Chuck & Emily, Devin & Robli, Nicole & Dave, and our not-married-butjustasgreat new friends Ken & Rachel. We had a great time and afterwards went hot-tubbing and then headed back to our apartment for some pizza and ice cream with them.
On Saturday we went to the pool with maren and jordan, les and the kids (mike was hunting). we had a blast with them and then headed to the football game versus Washington.
we walked there from our apartment, and even though it's not too far... compared to the dorms it seemed like an eternity getting to the stadium! plus it was about 34803gillion degrees. The game was sunny- but so fun.
in our tickets group we sit with kir lizer katie and janey (jane was in vegas visiting her sister), and it was so nice to spend some time with them. it's weird not living in their room anymore. oh how things have changed... i love them so much- they are so beautiful!
byu won the game (of courseee) and it was so exciting! plus we got jdawgs after...
i go to the best school on earth.
i. love. byu.
Today was another busy day for us. we ran errands and then headed to Chuck & Emily's barbeque. They had a little party to celebrate with their provo friends who couldn't make it to their wedding in provo. the barbeque was great and they are such wonderful friends. we are so lucky! after the barbeque we went over to their apartment with devin and robli and started a movie but since we are all old married couples... we had to stop halfway through... i feel old but hey- at least i'm getting more sleep than last year!
we had a nice little fetching game of badminton with devin and robli at the barbeque. they are intense! they were a speedy little pair playing against two big oafs... :)

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