September 21, 2010

chocolate apples: fall treats #2

last night for family night chin and i made some fall cupcakes together. i always feel bad because i can get bossy in the kitchen but he is a good sport and puts up with me anyways.
we made some fall "apple" cupcakes that i found online.
The actual cupcake itself was chocolate (yum), and we made cream cheese frosting, put some red food coloring (which just made the frosting pink not red), poured some red sprinkles on it, and put tootsie rolls in the center for stems.
They are delicious! but there are too many for just us... guess we'll have to give them away to more of our neighbors.
i also want to give a little shout out to maureen dever. she is such a devoted friend and i am so glad to have her in my life. she always has good intentions and is an example to me when i am being stupid. i got to talk to her last night and catch up with her and it is so wonderful that we are in such good places- together! love you moeski!
that is all for now.

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