September 20, 2010

lazy mondays

this weekend was busy.
maybe not as busy as i think but i felt like i was going going going the whole time.
On Friday night we had devin and robli over for some burgers and it was great to catch up with them. after chin had his flag football game and their team dominated once again (he is so good at football... who knew?).
After we got some yozone with clairey and then headed home due to pure exhaustion.
Saturday we worked out, ran errands, and did a quick flashback of freshman year: went to a dance party. there was some hugeeee birthday party at alpine village and i headed over to lizer, jane, kir, and katie's place to get ready with them.
the party: golf bros and tennis hoes (classy name right? psych. there were some pretty classless people there as well) was a success and although chin and i only stayed for a little bit, we had fun dancing with and seeing everyone.
on sunday after church we headed up to tutu & grandad's house for a cousin dinner. I was introduced to most of the cousins that i haven't met yet (i only have four and chin has about a million so every time i meet one i have a hard time keeping track) and it was great! after we headed home and watched a movie at the pierce's, this really nice couple in our apartment complex, and the barnes, another really nice pair.

thennnnnnnn i had to get down to business. i had been procrastinating my landscape design redraft project for about a week and my goal was to do it on saturday but we were so busy! so. 11:30 sunday night i started my project with 9 1/2 hours till the deadline. Luckily it's not my master plan or a hugeee assignment but it took kirsten all week to finish it! shame on me for being so foolish and starting so late. i had finished about 3/4 of the way at around 3:30 am and got into bed at 4... woke up at 8 to finish the project and finished before it was due at 10 am. hallelujiah. i felt like it was freshman year again where i wouldn't start my homework until 1 or 2 every night. i don't miss that about last year.

my very cluttered kitchen counter full of all my drafting supplies... late night dmb sesh
my FINISHED project all ready to hand in.
since i am feeling very sleep deprived i haven't done much today. i slept for two hours this afternoon, lazily made dinner, and am still out of it.

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